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Scotland - Island wild and free - photos
(Fri 31 Dec 1999 to Mon 28 Feb 2000, 13 photos)

I was born in Scotland (many years ago), and lived there for only five years. So, I went to Edinburgh for my Hogmany 1999, and Crail for New Year's day 2000. I also spent a two weeks in February 2000 in Scotland. There are only a few photos here. I promise to return someday to do my country justice.
Edinburgh Castle, Scotland, photo
Enduring hopes
Arthur\'s Seat, Edinburgh, Scotland, photo
Dawning hopes
Crail Kirk by Night, Fife, Scotland, photo
Faithful support
Crail Sea Front, Fife, Scotland, photo
Sea-breeze cheerfulness
Crail Kirk, Fife, Scotland, photo
Warm hugs
The Armadillo conference centre, Glasgow, Scotland, photo
Decorative scales
Art gallery, Kelvingrove, Glasgow, Scotland, photo
Inspired churches
Loch Lomond from Luss, Scotland, photo
Drifting colours
Loch Awe, Scotland, photo
Wild island
Fionnphort, Ross of Mull, Scotland, photo
Flying through rainbows
Celtic cross, Iona Abbey, Iona, Scotland, photo
Heavenly halos
Iona, Scotland, photo
Advancing waves
Urquhart Castle on Loch Ness, Scotland, photo
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