WordPress 2.6 – problem with Geo plugin

Just upgrading my WordPress websites to version 2.6.

The Geo plugin does not appear on the “Write Post” page.

I’ll investigate before I update my photography blog (which uses it).

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Search for me

Searching for me on GoogleEarth imagery for Cambridge.

Not 2007-08-11 (http://www.youandyourwedding.co.uk/index.php/chatroom/topic/33831 searched for “sidney sussex college wedding 2007”) because 7060602 benches not in same places in Downing college

Not 2007-04-14 because no tables on lawns 6606046

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WordPress opening post-new.php popup problems

I am having severe problems with one WordPress installation on my server.

When I try to write a new entry or page, or edit an existing one, I get the following pop-up dialogue box:

opening post-new.php popup dialogue box

The WordPress forums suggest it is a problem with the memory limit in php.ini.

I am not convinced. The memory_limit in php.ini is set to 32Mbytes for my entire server.

I suspect an error in the database is causing a memory leak or something. All other WordPress installations on the same server work fine.

Downloading the entire database with phpmyadmin, I find the following lines:

INSERT INTO wp_cat2syn (cat_id, language_id, synonym, sanitised, description) VALUES (1, 1, 'News', 'news', ''), (1, 2, 'Nouvelles', 'nouvelles', ''), (0, 1, '', '', ''), (0, 2, 'LE CONTE', 'le-conte', '');

Note that I am using Gengo on this blog, hence the extra fields for language_id and synonym.

I removed all the cat_id=0 entries, and also all the drafts in the wp-posts table.

Success – but only partial! 

I no longer have the pop-up, but when I try to entry a post, it doesn’t appear on the database or on the website.

For the moment, I give up. More lager

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Problems installing MediaWiki on a windows machine

I’ve just installed MediaWiki on my windows machine. It was fairly straightforward according to the installation instructions.

I found in addition to changing the following two lines from varchar(255) to varchar(150):

  job_cmd varchar(150) NOT NULL default ”,
job_title varchar(150) binary NOT NULL,

I also had to change the following lines:

  pr_type varchar(150) NOT NULL,
pr_level varchar(150) NOT NULL,

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Best to uninstall gengo – not deactivate it

I was having problems with my test website after deactivating the gengo plug-in. Whenever I clicked on a link, I got a “Woops – the server tried all options but could not find the page you requested” (or similar) message.

To solve it, I reactivated gengo (this meant that the admin panel disappeared – blank page because I haven’t enabled phperrors). I then used phpmyadmin to put the gengo plug-in as the last in the list in “active_plugins” on the table “wp-options”. This allowed me to navigate to the “gengo” page and perform an “uninstall”, which simultaneously deactivated the plug-in. I now have all my permalinks available again.

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Gallery2 and Gengo problems

When I activate the plug-in “gengo” after activating “geo”, “wp-amazon”, “wp-contact-form” and “wpg2” (which all seem to work prior to activating gengo), I get the following error (in the admin page):

Call to undefined function get_currentuserinfo() in /wordpress/wp-content/plugins/gengo/gengo.php on line 1080

I then go the phpmyadmin and edit the “active_plugins” on the table “wp_wordpress_options”, putting the gengo to the last item in the list. This seemed to solve the problem in wp-admin.

However, the site itself gets the error:

Call to a member function wp_rewrite_rules() on a non-object in /wordpress/wp-includes/classes.php on line 33

Also, on visiting the wpg2 admin page, the following error shows:

Checking System Status…

Warning: main(/tmp/gallery2/embed.php) [function.main]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /gallery/embed.php on line 3

Fatal error: main() [function.require]: Failed opening required ‘/…/gallery2/embed.php’ (include_path=”) in /gallery/embed.php on line 3

Oops. I didn’t follow the instructions in the readme.txt file

3. Move the file “wp-gallery2.php” from the /wpg2/root/ directory to your wordpress root directory, the directory that contains wp-config.php.

The gallery problems seem to be in gallery itself, not in WordPress. For the moment, I will disable both gengo and gallery2 (wpg2).

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Photo processing software I use, or would like to use

I wrote a rather long comment on digital-photography-school.com about the photo processing software that I use.

I start with Breezebrowser, which I use to relabel all my images and videos to a common format. Some of the images get label sequentially and separated into another folder, which is very easily done by Breezebrowser.

Then I select my favourite photos by giving them star ratings using Adobe bridge.

I currently use Adobe Photoshop CS2 and ACR to process the raw images, though I will probably upgrade to CS3 sometime soon.

Within CS2, I reduce noise with NoiseNinja and correct for lens/vertical distortion using PTLens. There are then minor adjustments to curves and any touching-up or removal of blemishes.

I also have Lightbox, but haven’t used it much. It might be more useful when I upgrade to CS3. I would like to use it for adding IPTC info to photos in batches.

I may move to using Bibble Pro for raw conversions, as it builds in the NoiseNinja.

Though I have RoboGeo and always use a GPS to take tracks of my locations, I don’t use RoboGeo to add location info to my photos. I would ideally use a program (not yet written, to my knowledge) that automatically suggested IPTC and description info based on an Internet database of well-labelled photos in the vicinity. Maybe Google could be persuaded to take on such a project.

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WordPress plug-ins that don’t work with gengo

The following plug-ins do not appear to work with gengo 0.9 (multi-language plug-in) and WordPress 2.1.3:

geo 1.9.1
organizer 1.2.1
wp-amazon 1.3.2
wp-contact-form 1.4.3
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Suggestion for improving PTLens distortion plug-in for Photoshop

I’ve just sent a message to Tom Niemann of ePaperPress.com, the author of an excellent Adobe Photoshop plug-in called PTLens.

Hi Tom,

I use your PTLens plug-in regularly for fixing my photos – thanks.

Many of my photos are of buildings taken from a low vantage point. When taking the photo, I usually try to ensure that my central vertical is actually vertical. In PTLens, it would be great to have a slightly different colour of red for the central vertical in a photo. This would help me to get the correct rotation for each photo.

Furthermore, I find I am guessing about the vertical perspective. However, most of the time I can accurately place the horizon. If I could put a horizon line on the photo, I believe it would be possible to calculate the required vertical perspective correction from the focal length and the position of the horizon. Alternatively, and perhaps much easier to implement, when adjusting the vertical perspective, a horizon bar (e.g. a lighter red line) moves down (or up) the image.

Finally, I follow my PTLens adjustment with a crop. Are there any plans to put a crop (with optional retain image width/height ratio and optional resize to original image width/height) on PTLens? This isn’t essential – it would be a nicety.

Thanks again.

Wooh. I’ve just read the bit at the top. I hope you have a great time in Antartica.

Cheers, Reggie

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Modifying the wp_options table to run on localhost

There are two lines to edit in the wp_options table to edit when importing data from the live server to the local test computer.

option_name = “siteurl” -> remove the (www.)domainname(.net) leaving just domainname

option_name = “home” -> remove the (www.)domainname(.net) leaving just domainname

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